Strengthen electronic declaration and improve the speed of logistics between China and Hong Kong

Issuing time:2020-08-17 19:26

The integration of customs clearance has brought us great convenience. Through electronic declaration and electronic payment of taxes and fees, the customs declarant has completed the whole customs declaration process without leaving the house, and the customs clearance process of goods takes only 20 minutes. At present, the goods carried by Dongsheng Logistics Company do not need to go through customs transfer formalities, but can be imported and exported directly at Shenzhen and other ports, which not only saves the logistics costs such as transporting vehicles and entering the vehicle inspection yard, but also can arrange goods in and out immediately according to the needs of production and sales, without waiting for the local customs to go through customs clearance formalities, which greatly improves the efficiency of customs clearance and makes the speed of logistics and transportation between China and Hong Kong faster.

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