In the new era, trade promotion people have a realm and attach importance to practical results.

Issuing time:2020-08-17 19:26

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane renewed, Jinan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, with the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as a guide, with a new look to create a new situation in the work of trade promotion. We will take the "opinions on the implementation of Jinan Trade Promotion Brand and Foreign Trade Promotion Organization" formulated by the Jinan Council for the Promotion of International Trade as the plenum's work action guide, focusing on building the "four three" work system.

The first is to establish the "three systems". The first is to establish a "visit system". The horizon determines the realm, and the realm determines the level. The visit system is regarded as the basis of "close three kinds of relations", as the starting point of collecting information and serving enterprises, and as the core of mining information resources. Visits should be purposeful and targeted, highlight the actual effect of the visit system, and achieve "sound and effective visits". The second is to establish a "work desk account system". The accounting system is the basis of the activities and an important basis for the work of the inspection department, which should highlight the three stages before, during and after the event. It is necessary to comprehensively plan and dispatch funds, resources, manpower, and the environment beforehand, plan carefully and consider carefully; pay close attention to the main line, pay close attention to implementation, strictly focus on details, and strive for excellence; and keep an eye on unforgettable, continuous follow-up, and expand the results afterwards. In particular, it is necessary to highlight the follow-up and extension after the event, and most of the results of trade promotion work are delayed. The third is to establish a foreign liaison system. Give full play to the role of the external liaison mechanism, do "fresh contact", do not do "zombie contact", strengthen practical cooperation through a variety of means, and make a list evaluation, dispatch and assessment of contact objects every year. For national and regional foreign businessmen associations, embassies and consulates in China, and the world's top 500 enterprises, it is necessary to establish an "address book" and "circle of friends" of the trade promotion system, and maintain a certain amount of improvement every year.

The second is to achieve the "three breakthroughs". The first is to achieve a new breakthrough in the working mode. The project is planned from the bottom up, the activities are specific in place, and the project is specific to people, giving full play to the individual's subjective initiative, the initiative of departmental organization and coordination, and the consciousness driven by the management of the leading group, so as to form a systematic joint force. The second is to achieve new breakthroughs in innovative work. In combination with the reform plan of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, we will explore the construction of industrial and commercial cooperation mechanism, trade and investment promotion platform, and foreign-related legal services, gradually enhance the brand gold content, popularity and reputation of "Jinan Trade Promotion", and realize platform innovation, business innovation and service innovation around trade and investment promotion and investment attraction. The third is to achieve new breakthroughs in the work of bright spots. The so-called bright spot is innovation and development.

The third is to achieve "three results". First, the work of attracting investment has been effective. Construction management of investment and investment project reserves and clues collection, screening, evaluation and other work, scheduled scheduling, overall coordination, targeted attack on the project to ensure the progress of the project. Give full play to the role of the "charm Jinan" comprehensive economic and trade platform in attracting investment, and pay attention to planning high-end investment attraction activities with international influence. Second, the improvement of the overall work level has been effective. The ranking of comprehensive assessment of economic and social development has been significantly raised, and all work involving comprehensive assessment should be planned in advance, supervised and inspected, and effective afterwards. Third, the building of the team has been effective. We should strengthen the "four consciousness", firmly establish the idea that "failure to do a good job in party building is dereliction of duty", and maintain a high degree of consistency with the party with comrades at the core in thought, politics and action. We should promptly discover the problems of signs and tendencies in cadres, and deepen the responsibility of a clean and honest party style and the system of "one post and two responsibilities." Accurately select people on the basis of "four looks and one listen", and select and use cadres who are "down-to-earth, practical, and practical."

The latter is to achieve the "three improvements". First, the ability to do the work of the service center has been improved. Make efforts in key links such as attracting investment, trade promotion, and foreign economic and trade cooperation, keep an eye on the center, reduce concerns, take an active part in the work of the center, jump out of trade promotion, enhance the pattern, broaden your horizons, stand in the overall situation of the development of the city and look at trade promotion, truly understand and master the strategic skills of "good borrowing", dare to think, dare to be capable, capable and fast. Second, the ability to design and plan activities has been improved. Concentrate trade promotion resources on Jinan's foreign countries and regions, and design and plan activities around the changes in import and export, the direction of attracting investment and the visits of municipal leaders. It is necessary to pay close attention to the implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative and take more national foreign policy "tailwinds"; make efforts in the design and planning of high-end activities, highlight the detonating effect, and upgrade the level; and pay more attention to the overall planning of county and district branch resources, fully consider the county and district characteristics and actual conditions, and link up with county and district support committees to highlight the actual results of the activities. Third, the ability to solve difficulties, overcome deficiencies and strive for excellence has been improved. We should have the spirit of "shining the sword", reduce the fear of difficulties, firmly believe that "there are always more ways than difficulties", face up to difficulties, and dare to try. It is necessary to practice hard the ability to solve difficulties and overcome deficiencies, make clear ideas, think of ways, be good at planning, attach importance to implementation, do not drill into the "corner tip" in the face of difficulties, carry forward the spirit of "hammering nails," have the tenacity of "holding on to the green hill," and "willing to be cut all over the body", strive to improve the ability to strive for excellence, enhance the collective sense of honor, and enhance core cohesion. As a person for promoting trade in the new era, we should have a new realm of sharing weal and woe with the cause of promoting trade, have a new look of dedication, performance, and strength, cooperate closely, support each other, and strive to realize the "one game of chess" of the city's trade promotion system. join hands to create a new brilliance of trade promotion.

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